Overview of the Complete RO Screen

Overview of the Complete RO Screen

Complete RO (short for repair order) is the screen service managers use to review and invoice repairs submitted by service technicians, or from the After The Fact RO screen.

To access Complete RO, open the Service menu and select Complete RO:

The screen can be refreshed based on the following status radio buttons:

  • Ready to Submit: Lists repairs submitted by service technicians or created from the After The Fact RO screen. These are ready to be reviewed by a service manager prior to invoicing.

  • Submitted: N/A. This option is not applicable for FleetSquared users and the list will be blank.

  • Invoiced: Lists repair orders that have been invoiced.

  • Closed: Lists repair orders that have been closed instead of being invoiced. Fleet repair shops that do not charge for repair work may decide to close ROs to complete them instead of invoicing them.

  • Rejected: Lists voided repair orders.

A Search field is also available to search for a specific repair order.

Managers can click on the repair order reference number to review the RO and make additions or changes prior to invoicing.

When viewing your Ready to Submit list, the summary section on the right-hand side displays a charge summary and the following command buttons:

  1. Return to Technician: Returns the submitted repair order to the service technician who submitted the repair. A notes field will pop-up for you to provide a message to the service technician (i.e. instructions for additional work or data entry needed before the RO can be completed and invoiced).
  2. Close RO: Completes and closes the repair order. This function is generally used only for internal repairs (i.e. fixing vehicles in your own fleet), when you are not printing and providing an invoice to a customer to be paid.
  3. Invoice: Completes and invoices the repair order. An invoice will pop-up on the screen in PDF format to print and provide to the customer.
  4. Cost Proof: Prints a PDF of a cost proof.
  5. Customer Proof: Prints a PDF of a customer proof.

Click here for instructions on how to create repair orders as a service manager from the Complete RO screen.

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