Overview of the Unit Master Screen

Overview of the Unit Master Screen

Unit details can be viewed and modified from the Unit Master screen.  This article provides an overview of the Unit Master.

Open the Fleet menu and select Unit Master.

Search for and click on a unit number to bring up unit details.

The top of the screen lists general unit information, including the owner, unit number, description, fields that may be required by the DOT, and make/model information.  Click on any blue hyperlinks to make changes or edit the details in any text fields.

The Specifications tab allows you to enter license information and notes.

The Readings tab displays reading history, either from repair orders or manual entries.  You can click Add Meter to add/change unit meters.  Click Add Reading to manually enter a unit reading.

From the Max Per Day tab, you have the option to set a daily maximum reading by clicking on Add Unit Daily Max.  This is useful to prevent reading data entry errors.  For example, you could add a daily maximum of 1000 miles to ensure a technician does not accidentally enter a reading that isn't possible (i.e. a unit that was last worked on 30 days ago at 30,000 miles could not have 100,000 miles on it today, even if it drove non-stop).

The Repair History tab displays any repair order history from FleetSquared.

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