Receive Parts on PO

Receive Parts on PO

This article provides a walkthrough of how to receive parts from a part purchase order.  If you have not created a purchase order already, click here for our purchase order how-to article.

  1. To receive parts ordered on a PO, open the Parts menu and select Receive Parts.

  2. Click on either Receive PO or the Partial Receiving button.

    The Partial Receiving button will pop-up a screen to select which parts on the PO have arrived.  Check off the appropriate parts then click Confirm Selected.

  3. This will take you to the receiving screen.  If you clicked on the Receive PO button, you will be taken directly to the receiving screen, pictured below, with all parts included.

    You can enter notes, add additional parts, and update the receiving quantity and unit cost before receiving parts.

    Note:  The Date field can be adjusted for your reference however parts are received in real-time.  Backdating the date field will not change the date/time when parts are added to your inventory warehouse.

    FleetSquared will remember how many parts were ordered and how many have been received.  If parts are received in multiple shipments, you can have many receivings tied to one PO.

  4. Optionally, you can record an invoice number for reference.  Entering a Discount dollar amount will decrease the total cost.
    Click Receive Parts at the bottom of the screen to save and continue.

  5. An inventory receiving report will print in a pop-up window.

  6. Purchase orders will remain listed on the Outstanding Receiving screen until all parts ordered have been received. 

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