Sign Up for Your Free FleetSquared Trial

Sign Up for Your Free FleetSquared Trial

We offer a free 30 day trial so you can try before you buy!  This article steps through the FleetSquared sign up process.
  1. Visit and click on the FREE TRIAL link at the top of the page.

  2. Enter your name, company, email, and create a password, then click Start Free Trial.

  3. A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen, advising you to check your inbox for the trial activation email.

  4. Sign in to your email and click on the "click here to activate your registration" link.

  5. The link will open a FleetSquared sign in page.  Sign in with your email address and password.

  6. Review our End User License Agreement then click Accept.

  7. A Company Setup wizard will appear on your screen.  This wizard will step you through setting up your FleetSquared system.
    On the Company Profile screen, enter your name and company address.  On the right-hand side, you can upload your company logo (max image size 200x200 pixels) by clicking Browse, select the logo image file from your computer, then click Upload.
    Click Next at the bottom right-hand corner when you're done entering your profile details.

  8. The Setup Rates screen provides fields for entering your default labor charge rate (per hour), default parts markup rate, and shop supply rate (if applicable, leave blank or set to 0% if you do not charge a shop supply fee).

    By default, parts will be marked up based on the last purchase cost.  For example, if you purchase/receive a part for $10 and have a markup rate of 35%, the part will be sold for $13.50 on repair orders.  You can also manually override or change the part price on a repair order.

    Click Next after entering your default rates.

    This screen sets default values only.  Our FAQs include tutorials on how to change labor rates, part markup rates, and shop supply rates for individual customers (i.e. family or employee discounts, preferred customers, cash customers, etc.)

  9. The Tax Setup screen is used to setup your default tax codes and rates for repair orders and for purchasing of parts.

    If you do not charge sales tax on repairs, select No at the top next to "Do you charge sales tax on repairs?"

    Select Yes if you do charge sales tax, then select either "Use suggested tax rates based on your location" or "Let me setup my own tax codes and rates." 

    If you choose the option to use suggested tax rates, our system will attempt to auto-populate the tax list and rates based on other users in your area.  If this is not possible, or if the rates are incorrect, choose "Let me setup my own tax codes and rates" then click on the green plus next to Add New Tax.

    Repeat the same steps in the bottom section for Tax Rates For Parts Purchased.

  10. If you add taxes manually, a pop-up window will prompt you to enter a tax code, rate, and indicate whether tax is charged on parts and labor, parts only, or labor only.  Click Save / Exit to close the window and save your tax code and rate.

  11. You can repeat steps 9 & 10 above to add multiple tax codes and rates.  In the example pictured below, I have added a STATE tax code with a rate of 5% for both repair orders and for purchasing parts.  Click Next when you are done setting up taxes.

  12. Up to three service technicians can be added to your FleetSquared account.  For each technician, enter their first and last name, a login email address, and a login password.

    Click Finish to complete the Company Setup wizard.

  13. Your FleetSquared trial account is set up now!  Click here for instructions on how to activate your subscription.
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